Class I  IP44 Description: D 1040 mm. Painted aluminium and matt acrylic. Compact fluorescent or Led. Mounting: On pole diameter 60 mm. Connection: Terminal block 5x4mm2.

“Since low-energy lamps are so ugly I wanted to hide them in the lamp, just like I did with my previously lamp Hide from 2004. Poker is a normal cone lamp but with other elegant diffuser solution to cover the lamp source. The diffuser is easily removed by squeezing it out of the rubber strip specially designed for Poker.” Dimension: Small size H 230 ø 480 mm, large size H 480 ø 980 mm Material: Painted metal frame, Plastic diffuser, Electrics. Other colours on request. Diffuser in matt acrylic. Mounting: Wire pendant, 2m. Connection: Terminal block 5x4mm2. Class 1 230V 50Hz IP20 HF

“The family company Zero manufactures and sells attractive light fittings for all types of space.