Width 162 cm
Depth 35 cm
Height 146.5 cm


Colour White
Materials ABS composite material with steel wires and mountings in die-cast sandblasted zinc.


Components 1 x START 1514H and 1 x END 1534H


Technical sheet (.pdf)

POISE is a new modular shelving and room divider with endless possibilities.

Designed with a simple and sculptural expression it radiates an extreme elegance without dominating the room. Each T-shape is either placed above or next to one another. POISE is architecture in its simplest form with endless possibilities to manipulate and shape the room.

POISE is free of double-sided walls and has the appearance of effortless simplicity. The sharp and simple form of natural architecture is a fundamental character in POISE, and to Anders Hermansen the atmosphere of POISE creates associations to the simplicity of Japanese bamboo forests and the purity of light and long shadows.

This simple yet flexible system allows the user to divide the room as they wish, it stands as an elegant choice in any space.

Еngelbrechts A/S is a furniture manufacturer established in 1989.