Point Mini Spotlight Ceiling Track

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Point is focused precision, a luminaire designed to transfer prominence to any object or space.

Point can act alone or in group, shaping the space and highlighting details through careful light direction onto surfaces. Yet in its definition, Point goes unnoticed: a minimalist tool offering protagonism through illumination.

Fluvia design

Fluvia belongs to the SIMON Group, a 100 year old company with a solid international presence with which Fluvia shares two essential elements: the R+D+I and Design Departments. And design is an essential part of Fluvia products. Our designs are not only attractive, but also provide convenience and ease of use, as well as simplifying the recycling process at the end of their useful life. Fluvia offers luminaires that are design objects, with high lighting quality and the best performance in LED technology. Fluvia offers lighting solutions for professionals concerned both with the ambiance and functionality.

Founded in 2013, Fluvia is a new brand that designs and plays with light through its luminaires.