poem stool by Brühl

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Brühl poem stool Brühl poem armchair Brühl poem armchair Brühl poem armchair Brühl poem armchair

Armchair poetry: poem issues an invitation – feel embraced; relax, sit down and read. A favoured spot, gently rounded and protective, well balanced and organic looking. The sweeping shape of the sides runs all the way from the wings to the armrests, which taper towards the front. Alternatively, the armchair can be finished without armrests, thus giving it a more minimalist look. The headrest, with dividing seam and decorative button back finish, perfectly adjusts whilst sitting and fully supports the head at all times, thereby ensuring unrestricted relaxation. A backrest which merges into a rounded seat turns this armchair with a smooth backrest cover into a striking accent piece that needs no companions. Covers: wool fabric in royal blue or beige; the armchairs without armrests is covered in a striking check pattern. poem‘s armrests can either be covered in a matching fabric or in leather, or they can be solid wood – beech, oak or walnut. The covers are removable. The armchair rests on a swivel base with a tilting function operated by shifting your weight, thereby offering additional relaxation positions. poem in leather: The armchair‘s outstanding comfort level is increased even more by combining it with a round stool with swivel base. A stylish haven – for example at home in the library or in a hotel lobby. Thanks to its minimalist design, the stool can also be used for other purposes, for example as a second seat or as an occasional table. Armrests in warm oak wood create a beautiful contrast to the black leather upholstery. For precious leisure time: Combining leather with walnut looks sophisticated and luxurious.

Quality Made in Germany brühl creates furniture of eclectic design.