Pli Oversize by Caimi Brevetti
Caimi Brevetti

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Caimi continues its research into the world of sound developing new possibilities in order to apply sound-absorbing panels that take advantage of the patented Snowsound® technology, aimed at improving acoustic comfort at home and in public spaces. Designed by Marc Sadler, Pli Oversize is a sound-absorbing screen which doubles as a partition and can be put in a sequence thanks to elastic straps with saddlery-inspired details. The system includes twelve colours for panels that can be mixed and matched. The elastic straps and metallic snaps are used to put the panels together in a line or forming “T” and ”X” shapes, becoming a modular system. All the patented Snowsound® technologies (Snowsound and Snowsound-Fiber) and Snowall, have recently obtained the prestigious Greenguard Gold Certification, which validates their low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission, contributing to the quality of the air inside a room. Marc Sadler, internationally renowned for his technical expertise and his aesthetic sensibility, has been a long-time partner of Caimi Brevetti creating very successful products.

Die Firma Caimi Brevetti S.p.A. wurde im Jahre 1949 gegründet und gilt heute als eines der bedeutensten europäischen, designorientierten Unternehmen der Branche Einrichtung und Büro- und Objektgestaltung.