Pli by Caimi Brevetti
Caimi Brevetti

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Caimi’s research into acoustics and sound-absorbing panels continues while taking full advantage of the patented Snowsound® technology, which aims to improve acoustic comfort in closed spaces. Designed by Marc Sadler, Pli represents the perfect culmination of design and technology to upgrade the acoustic quality in a space. Taking the form of a folding screen with a simple yet alluring design, Pli provides the advantage of also being easy to relocate with no loss of its intrinsic functionality. "This new line expands the sound-mitigating product collection to fill a very important need. Extremely versatile, Pli is designed with snaps and straps to adjust at will, like a piece of clothing, while its vast selection of fabric colours make it a true decorating accessory. It is also a tool to improve the acoustics in the home and consequently, also the quality of life of its residents." (Marc Sadler) The Pli line of screens doubles as partition and sound-mitigation usage, held together by elastic straps with details inspired by saddle makers. The line is introducing nine new colours for panels and three for the straps which can be mixed and matched at will. The straps, lengths of elastic and metal snaps, can combine the panels together in a line, in an “X” or a “T” formation. Pli can be folded up and transported easily. The patented Snowsound® technology is embedded in panels with variable density that enable selective absorption at various frequencies and optimise room acoustics. The technology achieves this despite the very low density of the panels and their extraordinary weightlessness. Marc Sadler is an internationally-renowned professional famous for his great technical skill and his aesthetic awareness. Sadler has been a strong partner of Caimi Brevetti in creating some of its most successful products. Pli is their newest visual and functional challenge in the acoustics segment.

Die Firma Caimi Brevetti S.p.A. wurde im Jahre 1949 gegründet und gilt heute als eines der bedeutensten europäischen, designorientierten Unternehmen der Branche Einrichtung und Büro- und Objektgestaltung.