82 x 57 x 52 cm

Designed by Philippe Starck for DEDON, the leading producer of hand-woven outdoor furniture, the PLAY chair-armchair is the fruit of two opposing yet interchanging design concepts. It marries the high technology of a moulded polypropylene and fibreglass frame with the unique style of chairsand backrests handcrafted by master artisans. Based on a concept of interchangeable liaisons of materials, colours, workings, PLAY opens the horizon to a future of specially customised furniture and an array of possible combinations. Pieces that can be redesigned to achieve a personal fit, ordered online, produced upon request, and which assume the client’s direct, emotional and creative inputs to make the design relationship more liberating and fun. Made in four different versions, the DEDON lamps play with the idea of colour contrasts, such as chalk and carbon, chalk and terracotta, terracotta and stone, orange and bronze, and are inspired by the free-standing and the suspension models of the two most celebrated outdoor light sources produced by Flos. And which add the essential final touch to the outdoor décor scenario created with pieces from the new PLAY with DEDON collection. Elastic and durable, extremely lightweight and stackable, Starck defines the PLAY chairarmchair as “an idea that gives plenty of room to human intervention”. A piece that melds mirror-finish aluminium with solid teak, or polypropylene with the unalterable hand-woven synthetic fiber that has made DEDON famous the world over, and which brings together a range of specific skills and exclusive solutions. PLAY will be offered in several colour ways, combinations and melanges of chalk and carbon, stone and terracotta, and bronze. With or without armrests, PLAY has inspired also PLAY with DEDON, a collaboration that encompasses the BISTRO table, with its glazed porcelain ceramic tabletop that stands on a central pedestal made of moulded polypropylene, and DINING, a four-legged table in mirror-finish aluminium and profiled in aluminium, and which, thanks to the use of an inert compound of powdered bamboo and plastic, looks just like real wood. Alex Wiederin (Buero New York) took the playful spirit of Philippe Starck’s collection and smoothly applied it to a unique packaging concept picking up on the idea of L’Effet Domino. This way DEDON pushed an ordinary packaging solution to another level where the product, the presentation and a box become an extraordinary yet simple symbiosis that simply makes you want to play. Colors: Frame chalk; Weaving chalk/carbon Frame chalk; Weaving chalk/carbon; Armrest chalk Frame chalk; Weaving stone /chalk Frame chalk; Weaving stone /chalk; Armrest chalk Frame chalk; Seat teak plywood Frame chalk; Seat teak plywood; Armrest chalk Frame chalk; Seat teak plywood; Armrest aluminum Frame terracotta; Seat teak plywood Frame terracotta; Seat teak plywood, Armrest terracotta Frame terracotta; Seat teak plywood; Armrest aluminum Frame terracotta; Weaving stone/terracotta Frame terracotta; Weaving stone/terracotta; Armrest terracotta Frame gray; Weaving platinum/titanium Frame gray; Weaving platinum/titanium; Armrest gray Frame gray; Weaving Pattern Europe Frame gray; Weaving Pattern Europe; Armrest gray Frame gray; Weaving Pattern Europe; Armrest aluminum Frame gray; Seat teak plywood Frame gray; Seat teak plywood; Armrest gray Frame gray; Seat teak plywood; Armrest aluminum

At the end of the `80's, former professional Bayern Munich footballer, Bobby Dekeyser, decided to develop high quality outdoor furniture that could stand up to wind and weather.