Depth 50 cm
Length 116.5 cm
Height 160 cm


Base finish Super-matt Oak
Base material Powder Coated Metallic Tubular
Frame finish White Textured Metal
Frame material MDF Board With Oak Wood Veneer.


Year of design 2014


A functional and versatile suit valet that makes a better use of space and provides a hint of design to the room.

It has casters on its lower side that enhance its mobility.

Note Design Studio

Note is a Stockholm-based design studio founded in 2008.
To note something, to get noted: we are named after what we try to achieve.
We like to pay attention to our surroundings, and try to create things that make others do the same. By looking at what is unique in every project and emphasizing that, we transform non-material values into tactile objects and spaces.
We work within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and design strategy.

Punt means “point”, the point where pen meets paper, the point that will become a line; a design; a creation.