Width 39 cm
Depth 39 cm
Height 39 cm
Weight 3 kg


Colour Anthracite
Material Plastic Other
Secondary material Wood


Assembly required minimal
Suitable for outdoor use yes


This PLANT TROLLEY has wheels attached and is easy to move around. The pot is thick-walled, made of high quality PE plastic, recycable and still lightweight. The climbing pole can be used as handle. It is made of untreated larch wood from sustainable forests. The trolley can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

We were quite convinced the world needs no further planter but we thought the world needs a special one. URBANATURE makes gardening easier: move the PLANT TROLLEY around without any effort. It is easy to wheel the plant trolley aside, if you like to clean underneath or if you just like to move it in order to gain more space for your visitors. The trolley is suitable for any climbing plants like tomatoes, aubergines or decorative plants. 

The climbing pole is 3 cm thick, 1,20 m long and fixed to the pot. It is arranged near the middle of the planter, but is nevertheless outside the pot. Contact with the plant substrate is avoided. The rot proof larch wood is from sustainable forests. The wooden pole serves as climbing aid as well as handle to move the planter around. The tiling-function even works with heavy plants.

The PLANT TROLLEY holds up to 24 litre of substrate. It has a drainage sieve at the bottom. Excess water drains away, is collected at the bottom of the pot which serves as water reservoir. It holds up to 4.5 litre of water and is perfect for plants that need a lot of water, especially during hot periods. 

Moveable retaining brackets are attached to the pole and are made of stainless steel. The PLANT TROLLEY is available in white or anthracite.

“We are drawn to the natural world. It’s in our nature. And yet we live in cities and stare at walls. The label URBANATURE fills the gap in everyday life between city living and the longing for something more primal.” Jörg Brachmann