Planner Shelving Timeless Geometry Large
Fritz Hansen

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Fritz Hansen’s Planner Shelving series combines Paul McCobbs signature graphic aesthetic with an elegant expression.

Named after its ability to help shape the design of a room,
the simple yet striking shelving is available in three versions,
each in varying heights and configurations. The practical
and decorative unit works in any space; as a bookshelf,
display unit for favourite objects or even as a room divider
where multiples can be attached together.

Paul McCobb

Meet the realist and perfectionist - in personality as well as in his designs. Paul McCobb moved from Boston to New York to pursue his dream of becoming a designer. When it came to design he was completely self-taught but his profound understanding of perspective paved the way for his emerging career as one of the most important designers of the time. Perspective and scale in particular became a trademark for McCobb, whose tables, shelves and even lamps were the result of meticulous attention to the room the design would inhabit. Thin lines, simplicity of form and a distinct lightness characterize the works of Paul McCobb. He was a realist and a perfectionist and his design pieces are a clear reflection of his personality.

McCobb’s recipe for no-nonsense design, where only the essential is required to obtain both functionality and aesthetics, is a recipe we respect through our relaunch of McCobb's Planner™ coffee tables. Details such as the narrowing of the welted steel by the “feet” of the base is how one recognizes a genuine McCobb design.

Fritz Hansen is an exclusive, international design brand whose timeless collection unites world-famous classic and contemporary furniture, lightning and accessories.