This luminaire is compatible with the light bulbs of the following energy classes: A++/A+/A/B/C/D/E W 70 cm D 11 cm H 4,8 cm 2x24W G5

Wall light family with a strong structural attitude. Metallic structure with different finishes and bottom/upper opal glass. It is presented in halogen version PLANA 01/PLANA 02 and in fluorescence PLANA T5 (2006) which maintains the esthetic and functional values. Finishings SATIN NICKEL BRILLIANT CHROME NICKEL OPAL GLASS CHROME OPAL GLASS SPARE PART Optical matt tempered glass Opal tempered glass Opal tempered front glass

Christophe Mathieu

Everyone knows that the Canary islands have the best climate in the world, or at least that’s what Christophe‘s parents thought when they left Germany and Belgium to settle in Spain in the 1960s. He started working with his architect father and decided to study interior design in Barcelona; after finishing his studies, he went to Milan and that was where he discovered industrial design. Over time, he missed the Mediterranean character, and decided to return to Barcelona where he opened his own studio. Proportions, beauty, surprise and seduction are the basis of his designs. His lamps, as objects of light, seek to warmly and gently illuminate spaces. The emotional aspects are always present in the use and functionality, without forgetting that although the main function is to illuminate, the lamp itself is also illuminated, becoming an observed object that occupies a place in the space.

“Those of us who live near the Mediterranean know all the nuances of light.