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PLAIN is a simple and compact coffee table that can be used as an individual piece or grouped together. With its plastic table top and slim line wire frame, PLAIN is lightweight and slender. Characteristic features include the table top with circumferential edge and the small swivel drawer that rotates around one of the table legs. This can be used to store remote controls, bottle openers and all manner of useful items that are good to keep handy. The shipping-friendly, flat-pack PLAIN is easy to assemble - simply clip the two parts of the wire frame onto the underside of the square table top. By rotating one of the sections of the wire frame, you can also change the appearance and orientation of the table. The swivel drawer is fixed to one of the trestles. (There is a stop underneath the table top that also fixes the drawer in position.) PLAIN is part of the PORTER range and can be combined with the tray table of the same name to enhance its functionality. Material ABS / Wire with chrome plated Dimensions 550mm x 550mm (WxD), 370mm (H)

Born in 2006, 'Studio Domo' meaning "Design of Modern Objects" is a platform through which talented designers can share and express their creativity, thoughts and ideas to people around tire world.