PL Ukiyo Ceiling Light
Axo Light

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Ukiyo, Japanese accents Optical effects and an interplay of volumes and fabrics for Ukiyo, the new collection of wall and ceiling lights by Axo Light.

Minimal lines and unusual volumes for solutions that are particularly suitable for showing contract environments to their best advantage. Ukiyo - meaning “floating world” in Japanese - was inspired by an artistic technique that became very popular in Edo (now Tokyo) between the XVII and early XX century.

The shape of the lamp, which has striking characteristics but a gentle whole, re-evokes the style of marine images, with the rippling water, and mountain landscapes shown in ancient ukiyo-e, Japanese art prints characterised by their contrasting delicate colourful curves and pointed cuspidals. Ukiyo lights have a metallic structure covered with a two layer, elasticised high-tech fabric. The special weave and various layers of fabric produce a fascinating light and shade effect. Ukiyo is an original light with a flexible nature that metamorphoses and produces innovative furnishing combinations.

It is available in three different colour versions: white-white, orange-black and black-white in three sizes (55x55 cm – 110x110 cm – 110x55 cm). It is also available in an energy-saving fluorescent version.

Manuel Vivian

Born in Venice in 1971, Manuel Vivian obtained his diploma at the Venice Art Institute and began to design at a very young age, blown glass in particular, thanks also to his family business. Following the success of his first projects in glass, Manuel enlarged his range of interests to various other fields of interior design. Since the creation of Axo Light in 1996, he has collaborated constantly with the company and has become one of the main designers.

Manuel designed for Axolight some of the most famous collections, such as Bell, Skin, Skirt, Aura, Clavius, Spillray, Fairy, Virtus, Polia LED, Framework LED and many others.

Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies in the rich and complex world of Italian design.