Collection of hanging lamps and ceiling lamps with one or three lights in white injection moulded ABS.

Base size
60 x 60cm
Hole size
59.6 x 59.6cm
Ip rating
Light bulb cap type
Light bulb type
Moulded ABS
Max wattage
No. of bulb
Only LED Bulb - 220-240 VAC
Outside colour / inside colour
White / White

Available in these versions: chrome on the outside/white on the inside; white on the outside/gold on the inside; white on the outside/white on the inside; bronze on the outside/white on the inside (new); and rose gold on the outside/white on the inside (new). LED light sources with GU10 fitting. Built-in downlight with three lights available in chrome, gold and white versions with LED light source with GU5.3 fitting.

“I wanted to create a functional product that was part sculpture, that was truly beautiful even with the lights off, that would allow beguiling combinations capable of creating a fantastic panorama of lights and shapes”. Karim Rashid Fluid, liquid, emphatic, glamorous.

This collection that recalls a row of trumpets lined like bunting stems from Karim Rashids brilliant imagination. Organic shapes that create a fantastic panorama of lights and shapes. Nafir touches upon the sculptural theme: available stand-alone or in groups of threes (a textured and flowing osmosis of 3 lampshades) and illuminated by LED technology, it is just as enchanting with the lights off. The designer sketched them while thinking of light as a complement to music, imagining a fluid surface pulled upwards in several places: the three-dimensional handling of the surface, little by little, took shape and began its transformation into an object that resembles a trumpet.

Nafirs fluid and dynamic shape is intended to be the expression of light itself, as if the casing wanted to become/appear an integral part of what it contains, while also expressing the idea that light, like music, is pure emotion. Its name is also a tribute to music: Indeed, the term Nafir is used to indicate a small North African trumpet, without pistons, used to obtain especially acute sounds. Nafir is designed to allow the creation and customisation of an endless number of compositions suitable both for residential and contract use. A triumph of vitality and an unmistakable sign for a fabulous collection of lamps that remains the crux of the purest refinement. Nafir is made of white injection moulded plastic and is available in three different colours: chrome exterior/white interior, white exterior/gold interior and white exterior/white interior.

The canopies are made of the same material as the lamp and with the same colours and finishes. The light source is GU10 LED which guarantees excellent performance levels in terms of energy savings and is readily available in shops.

Karim Rashid

Visionary and prolific, Karim Rashid is one of the most unique voices in design today. With more than 4000 designs in production, nearly 300 awards to his name, and client work in over 40 countries, Karim’s ability to transcend typology continues to make him a force among designers of his generation. Eschewing style in favor of designing in the modus of our time, Karim’s designs include goods and graphics for many international brands.

Karim’s influence expands beyond product to interiors, including restaurants like Amoje Food Capital in South Korea; hospitality design for nhow Hotel Berlin and budget hotels for Prizeotels in Bremen, Hamberg, and Hannover; public environments like Universita Metro Station in Naples; and retail design for Fun Factory in Berlin and Munich. Additionally, he has collaborated on innumerable concept exhibitions for clients such as Corian, Deutsche Bank, PepsiCo, and Audi.

Numerous awards and accolades attest to Karim’s contribution to the world of design. He is a perennial winner of the Red Dot award, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design award, Pentawards, and IDSA Industrial Design Excellence award. He holds Honorary Doctorates from Carlton University, Pratt Institute, OCAD in Toronto, British Institute of Interior Design, and Corcoran College of Art & Design

Contemporary artwork created by Karim ranges from digital prints to public art/ installation and sculpture. His works are featured in 20 permanent collections in various art institutions worldwide, including Brooklyn Museum of Art, MoMA, and The Center Pompidou. He has exhibited across the globe and is a frequent contributor to the Venice Biennale. He is also represented by the Sandra Gering Gallery in New York City.

A cultural shaper, Karim is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences globally, aspiring to change the world by making design a public subject. He is also regularly featured in print and digital platforms by media companies like CNN, Vogue, Elle, GQ, The New York Times, and countless more. This reach allows Karim to fulfill his ambition of disseminating the importance of design in everyday life.

Karim Rashid designed Nafir collection for Axolight.

Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies in the rich and complex world of Italian design.