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A palette of fun, bright colours and now new décors as well, for this collection of lamps featuring soft, flexible lines which come to life in a vast range of colourful vibrations and burst like a corolla of petals in the sunshine.

Muse captures and enhances some spectacular aspects of natural elements, creating a fun and light furnishing style affording original and intriguing expressive results.

Colours, shapes, sizes and beguiling natural references (in the new “Fiore” and “Sticks” fabric models) make Muse an extremely versatile lamp suitable for the most different settings, from the home to the contract industry.

These voluptuous and soft lamps are built with a metal frame wrapped with elasticated fabric, which is removable, washable and interchangeable. The collection, which already included round wall lights/ceiling lamps (40, 60, 80 and 120 cm diameter) and a suspension lamp (with a diameter of 80 cm) available in 11 fantastic colours, has now been extended with two new “Fiore” and “Sticks” decorated fabrics (available for the round wall lights/ceiling lamps).

With two new square wall lights/ceiling lamps (60 X 60cm and 120 X 120cm, available in white only), with two new sparkling suspension lamps (with a diameter of 25 cm and 60cm),and with two fun table lamps (33cm x 13cm x H.30 cm or 60 cm x 18 cm x H. 54 cm), also available in white only.

Sandro Santantonio

Sandro Santantonio was born in Lecce in 1977, where he studied at Sperimental Art High School. He then moved then to Milan, where he attended Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera. In 2000, he graduated with first class honours.

During his studies, he began to collaborate with leading designers, and participate in national and international shows and exhibitions.

In 2004 he founded SSD Sandro Santantonio Design, which is a working group that addresses the new ideology of design. Grouping together the Studio’s many capabilities increases its client list and working experience, and cooperation with leading companies in furniture, lighting design, and fashion accessories world. In conjunction with its emergence, Studio Sandro Santantonio Design acquired a new business partner: Andrea Cantù, who supports Sandro Santantonio in every decision and takes care of the communication activities.

Today, Studio Sandro Santantonio Design handles architecture, interior and industrial design, graphics, packaging and fashion design, focusing on tendencies research, material study, new technologies about contract, fashion and lighting design. From product design to interior furniture, from living room to expositions and events are all subjects treated by the Studio thanks to the experiences and different capabilities of the professionals who work there.

Studio Sandro Santantonio Design has won several awards: such as the special mention from Young&Design 2004 for the Flower Armchair, two special mentions from Young&Design 2005 for the Duna sofa line and the Zoe lamp collection, special mention Young&Design 2006 for the Wave Table, first prize for the naval award Abitare il Mare 2006 by Seatec Carrara Fairs for the design of a cabin room for luxury cruise ships, and the special prize for the “best project to find innovative solutions with maximum simplicity” for Young&Design 2007, with the Trinity lamps collection. The same collection received a special mention at Compasso D’Oro in 2009.

The ABC Lamp, designed for Prandina, was chosen for the 2007 exhibition Milano Love Design in 2008 to furnish the International Film Festival in Rome, and in 2009 by Premio Oderzo. The Venice Biennale chose Palace sofa, designed for Casamania, for its fittings. The Muse lamps collection, designed for Axo Light, was recently exhibited at the Gum Department Mebelissima in Russia, organized by Mondadori. In 2010 it obtained Good Design Award by Chicago Athenaeum Museum, and finally received a special mention at Design Award of the Federal Republic in Germany in 2011.

In the past, the Studio was invited many times as a guest during the design lessons at Accademia di Brera in Milan, where Sandro Santantonio has been teaching industrial design since 2009, and since 2008 he has been teaching product design at ISAD Institute in Milan.

Of great importance is the selection of certain products by Pitti Immagine (in particular by Cristina Morozzi) and by Prada for events and runway shows. TV Programs like XFactor, Grande Fratello, Mai Dire Goal, Buona Domenica, Trenta Ore per la vita, Miss Italia and commercials for Venus or Clinians used objects designed by Sandro Santantonio.

Sandro Santantonio designer for Axolight also Melting Pot collection.

Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies in the rich and complex world of Italian design.