Pío-Pío by Sancal

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Armchair Width: 78 cm Depth: 77.5 cm Height: 86.5 cm Seat width: 78 cm Seat depth: 58 cm Seat height: 42 cm Armrest height: 61 cm

Pío-pío is a little bird always waiting for us with open wings. Actually, we’re talking about a small-seat family with a unique personality: fresh and funny. Pío-pío is like a special pet, loving and friendly, intent on occupying a special corner in our homes. In any of its three versions (small armchair, armchair and armchair plus), Pío-pío perfectly integrates in any space and there is no doubt that it will create a pleasant atmosphere. The armchair is a fancy option for knitting and macramé. The small armchair, smaller and versatile, invites us to chat and play board games. The armchair plus, with its significant back and its comfortable cushion is perfect for spending a great evening sitting back: reading, watching movies or TV. Technical data Fixed structure, non-removable upholstery and the lumbar cushion cover is always removable. Wooden base structure covered with multilayered HR foam. Wooden seat and base structure fitted with NEA webbing. Lumbar cushion: cotton cover filled with FiberDream (a down- touch microfibre). PVC feet. All foams used in the production of this model are fire retar- dant. All the pieces can be upholstered in fabric, leather or synthetic leather.

Our home is our refuge: always ready to welcome us, it is where we feel most comfortable and the place which we are always glad to return to.