Width 80 cm
Height 80 cm


Material Magnetic Glass Whiteboard


Size 80 x 80cm


The straight corners of the Pillow Grid panels enable the creation of both small and large wall designs.

And with an increased range of sizes, accessories, fabrics and colours, Pillow Grid walls become a central design element in any interior. Memos, magazines, plants and objects can be placed on the wall. Pillow Grid whiteboards in various sizes become part of the design. Every wall is a meeting point and adds tranquility to the space.

Robert Bronwasser

Graduated with distinction as an Industrial Designer from Delft University in 1992. He passionately merges creative skills, commonsense and 25 years’ experience into useful designs with a one-off look – to put a daily smile on your face.

Cascando has been developing, manufacturing and selling appealing furniture accessories since 1998.