Pilk Ice Cube Tray - Set of 10

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When winter ice forms on Norwegian lakes, fishermen drill round holes in the surface and drop their lines through.

They clip a ‘pilk’ onto the fishing line, a lure designed especially for ice fishing. Pilk ice cubes are made in the same spirit, complete with perfect round holes for dropping straws through. When plunged into a cold drink, the ice cubes float horizontally on the surface, holding the straw upright in the glass. Pilk decorates a drink without needing any embellishments, and cools liquids longer than small ice cubes do. Pilk adds good design to every drink – plus, it provides the perfect icebreaker for every party.

Rudi Wulff

Rudi Wulff is a Norwegian designer based in Oslo. After receiving a masters degree from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, he established his own studio. Wulff has explored some groundbreaking ideas through his work, creating new concepts for two-wheeled transportation, urban nomadism, flexible electronics and static display systems.

Wulff ’s work is underpinned by principles of Scandinavian design, and his products are often characterised by functionality, clean lines and sleek surfaces. Wulff created the Maze pendant light for Northern Lighting in 2006, and his tactile Oblique tea light holder was designed for our new collection.

We create furniture, lighting and accessories that are Nordic in spirit, yet global in style.