Piani Rondo by K.B. Form
K.B. Form

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8*3,5W LED warm-white, reverse phase dimmer Aluminium high-gloss finish

Almost two-dimensional sculpture The basic geometric forms rondo and Quadro are available as uplight or downlight. And the ceiling fl oodlight function does not necessarily have to be depicted by the lamp: self-illuminating canopies bathe the ceiling in sweeping light. The whole Piani series is made of 8 mm plates of solid aluminium, which are milled to shape and then polished by hand until the room is refl ected in the surface. Held by the tin-plated copper braid carrying the power supply, it hovers over homogeneously illuminated tables like a shining jewel. With reverse phase dimmer. Numerous shapes and formats cover all possible uses. From old buildings to the post-modern, from the kitchen to the conference room. The Piani was nominated for the German Design Award. But in fact, thrilled customers are all the compliments we need. The international interest aroused by this lamp illustrates its unique selling position on the market. Courageous design and perfect craftsmanship will turn the Piani into the classic lamp of tomorrow.

LICHTKULTUR K.B. FORM Our story begins in the North of Hamburg.