Phybra | Sideboard by Laurameroni

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Laurameroni for the Salone del Mobile 2016, is proud to announce the collaboration with Giugiaro Architettura in designing a new sideboard which combines research in materials and skills in surface craftsmanship. The Phybra sideboard comes after thirty years of experience of Fabrizio Giugiaro in automotive and industrial design and is achieved thanks to the experience of Laurameroni in wood and metal crafting. Phybra is energy and romance, the carbon’s strength within the traditional feel of fine wood. The combination of traditional materials, such as wood, and modern ones, such as carbon, give to this sideboard a luxurious but sporty look, elegant but aggressive at the same time. The main structure is realized using the precious StoneOak wood that, thanks to its particular origins, resembles the colours of a dark stone, while both the wooden interior and the front frame are painted in red to create a strong yet refined contrast. The main features of this sideboard, though, are the doors and legs, made entirely of carbon fibre enhanced by a red stripe inlaid into the dark pattern. The dynamism of this piece is expressed by the red frame of the front edge, oriented at 45 degrees to the inside, which serves as a transition from the carbon doors to the wood structure, creating a true three-dimensional effect. To testify its sporty look, the Phybra legs are made of double carbon blades, in 4 mm of thickness, diagonally connected by a red linking element. In this sideboard the carbon fibre has been used with two different technologies: sandwich processing for the doors and full for legs. The fossil wood of the structure is recovered from trees that, as a result of landslides of the forest area, have slipped underground and were wrapped and protected under layers of clay. Functionality is an essential feature of the Giugiaro Architettura’s projects which is demonstrated by the removable trays, made entirely of carbon fibre and inserted by means of guides inside the red structure. Furthermore Laurameroni’s research and attention to details is also dedicated to the hinges, hidden inside the cabinet, almost invisible, which leave the show just to the carbon fibre. Phybra is a true example of craftsmanship that we are pleased to invite you to discover during the Salone del Mobile 2016.

In 1998 Laurameroni design collection was just a project, a difficult undertaking, a risky and at the same time irresistible call, but where the main guidelines had already been clearly defined.