Perspectives in Orange, Zollanvari Studio, 173x245cm
Zollanvari International

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Perspectives is a new collection of Gabbehs designed by Zollanvari Studio. A central linear vanishing point forms the focus of the design from which squares of augmenting dimensions emerge. This design uses the most well-known motif of geometric Gabbehs, the square, to create a thoroughly contemporary carpet in the Op Art (a term coined in 1964 by Time magazine) tradition. Op Art is a form of abstract art (specifically non-objective art) which relies on optical illusions in order to fool the eye of the viewer. The design of this carpet is a form of kinetic art and relates to geometric designs that create feelings of movement or vibration. To achieve this in a woven carpet was the challenge for our designers and weavers.

Our Landscape collection is an integral part of the Zollanvari Gabbeh range.  The majority are in Kashkuli quality, woven by Ghashgha’i nomads from the Fars Province, who are renowned for extremely fine carpets such as Kashkuli Bibibaff and Wasir Machsus.  With this in mind we turned to them for the extremely demanding production of our modern Kashkuli Gabbehs.  The designs and symbols used are rooted in the old Gabbeh design canon that Zollanvari have reinterpreted with a modern twist and to suit modern interiors and sensibilities.

With its exquisite patterns and the finesse of its quality a Zollanvari carpet captivates and enhances the beauty of its surroundings. The vibrant colours and timeless designs we create combine perfectly with contemporary as well traditional interiors. When thoughtfully placed, our carpets impart a sense of space, vision and form to any setting. Zollanvari’s commitment to the creation of superior quality carpets and exclusive designs, while at the same time preserving the great Persian heritage of carpet art, has not only established the brand as a leader in the global marketplace, but has also inspired us to push the boundaries of carpet design and weaving techniques – from the minimalist development of our tribal Gabbehs to the innovative re-invention of classical patterns seen in our Isfahan Collection. As a result, we have won numerous worldwide accolades for the quality and individuality of our carpets. The spirit of innovation is thus writ large in the carpets and flatweaves created by Zollanvari.