Perch Wall Lamp - Recessed

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Let the graceful bird swing and glow with joy… just beware that it might just spread its wings and fly away…

The joy of the Perch Light is in the detail—Umut Yamac

Flying all the way across the Atlantic Moooi’s Perch Lights has also landed its golden feet in the US & Canada. Set your imagination free with Moooi’s poetic Perch Light by London-based architect and designer Umut Yamac. With Mother Nature as his guide, Yamac steps into the wild to capture the ethereal beauty of an exotic bird blissfully perched upon a tree. In this alluring line of floor, table, wall and suspension lamps, Yamac couples the purity of paper with the material majesty of gold. Delicate and refined, the charming Perch Light collection promises to fill both hearts and homes with endless delight.

Sitting pretty upon a golden ledge, five brilliant birds gather atop the suspended Perch Light Branch, forever securing their place up high. With the wiring and cables completely hidden from view, the whimsical Perch Light Wall sconce is a sight for sore eyes. Fill the room with a forest of luminous feathered friends, or pick just one as a precious statement piece. Meanwhile, the tall Perch Light Floor sits proudly on a slender steel pedestal that sprouts gracefully from the earth. The smallest of the Perch Light family, the Perch Light Table shines as bright as the rest, albeit from a more modest nest. Sculpted from non-flammable synthetic paper, the power of the Perch Light is in the details. Thanks to a special mechanism, a gentle caress triggers a soft swaying motion, bringing these delicate creatures magically to life.

Light as a Feather

A design by London’s Umut Yamac, the ethereal lamps are sculpted from non-flammable paper

The Family Flock

Four models - Floor, Table, Wall, and Branch - complete the Perch Light family

Bird’s-Eye View

The fanciful Perch Light Branch is home to not one, but five luminous friends

In Full Swing

A gentle caress will set the birds swaying softly in motion

Umut Yamac

"The joy is in the detail"
Umut Yamac

(Born 1980, London)
Umut Yamac is a London based architect and designer with Turkish heritage. He graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL with a distinction in design and went on to work for a number of internationally renowned architects and designers before establishing his own practice in 2011.

He works on a diverse range of projects from the scale of the object to the architectural. The common thread that unites each piece is the emphasis placed on the relationship with the user; and the desire to offer different levels of engagement, from purely functional to the playful and imaginary.

Dutch brand moooi evokes extraordinary experiences through daring collections of furniture and lighting.