Pepe Marble Mirror

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It’s like Dostoyevsky said: ’Beauty will save the world’.”

Pepe Marble Mirror is solid, durable and meant to last. Year after year after year. The classic design and clean aesthetics, inspired by the style in late 50’s Italy, give the mirror a great iconic value. An object to be used and enjoyed everyday – and some day, maybe even passed on to future generations.
STUDIOPEPE explains, “We like the Italian aesthetic from the late 50’s and up – back then the educated and sophisticated growing middle class had a style that was very well represented by masters such as Caccia Dominioni, Gio Ponti and De Carli and in Michelangelo Antonioni’s movies like ‘La notte’. A style, which used a lot of precious materials such as marble, brass, precious woods and patterns.”
STUDIOPEPE want their designs to be durable enough to last. Like, really last. They elaborate, “We like to use really great materials, which gain beauty over the years – not the opposite. We believe that such beautiful design products have to last almost forever. It’s like Dostoyevsky said: ’Beauty will save the world’.”


Italian designers Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto met as students in Milan and started their career together as stylists, working on editorials for the likes of Elle Décor and T Magazine, and later designing products together.

We love their energy and passion. They are constantly travelling and experimenting with combinations of colours, shapes and materials. “Collecting is very important for us,” they tell us. “In our studio we have a sort of wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities) with all our findings that inspire us with their shape, texture, or colour. A lot of flea market treasures.” And what is the essence of good design? “Good design – whether a masterpiece or anonymous – goes with everything.”

MENU is a Danish design brand with a simple yet significant purpose: to enrich modern living through designs that connect individuals creatively, comfortably and functionally.