Artek Pendant Lamp TW003 Artek Pendant Lamp TW003 Artek WIR-105 LED light source

The successful TW003 pendant is a fine example of Tapio Wirkkala’s versatile talent which extended also to industrial design. The WIR light bulb designed in 1959 for the Finnish lamp manufacturer Airam was an instant commercial success. The simple, elegant and distinctive bulb represented completely new thinking about the role of technical components in the design of light fittings. 

The TW003 pendant was created in a period when Wirkkala was actively involved in industrial design. A-Studio, which was initially his idea, was operational in 1957–1965. 1960 Wirkkala won the Grand Prix at Milan XII Triennale for his WIR light bulb. Artek’s relaunch of the TW003 bulb employs LED technology. The versatile, timeless and beautiful everyday object is perfect for homes and public spaces alike.

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