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The design - Patch MissoniHome, the interior branch of the famous Italian fashion label Missoni, and the globally celebrated Dutch company of designer furniture Artifort were brought together by Jacco Bregonje, a Dutch designer who lives in Italy. They inspired each other to produce a unique innovative chair. The departure point being to co-develop an accessible chair with the comfort and quality of Artifort, dressed in an iconic Missoni Home patchwork fabric or a Missoni black and white space dyed seamless knit produced in collaboration with Stoll, the famous knitting machine producer. The result was the Patch One/Patch Two and the Patch Knit One/Patch Knit Two.The cover - 3 variations Patch Knit One / Patch Knit Two The really unique feature of this design is the perfect fitting cover, a three-dimensional one-piece knit. It’s as if the chairs were wearing a close-fitting sweater that perfectly accentuates every curve. It’s an intriguing design with the cover following the organic lines of the shell and yet there is no visible stitching and not a drop of glue was used. The cover and the chair seem to be an inseparable whole. Another special fashion detail is the arm patch. This provides extra protection and an exciting graphical accent and is inspired by the leather arm patches. The Patch Knit One / Patch Knit Two is still a protoype, it will be made available for purchase in 2013. Patch One / Patch Two Missoni has created a patchwork fabric with Missoni Home specifically to dress these innovative chairs. Artifort used their know-how and skill in upholstering to make it a really unique product. Patch One / Patch Two are produced by Artifort exclusively for Missoni Home. Patch 01 / Patch 02 Alongside the unique 3D innovation and the exclusive MissoniHome cover, Artifort also found a way of upholstering the Patch with ordinary furnishing fabric. And, of course, while retaining the original concept and using leather patches as the accent.The Construction - 3 variations The Patch is available with (Patch Knit Two, Patch Two, Patch 02) and without (Patch Knit One, Patch One, Patch 01) arms and has three different bases. The shell is made from a metal frame with tensioned netting, covered in foam, Dacron and the cover of your choice. The two four-leg bases are made of oiled oak. One is a swivel base and has a return mechanism. The metal sled frame is powder coated or chrome.The Designer - Jacco Bregonje Jacco Bregonje, the designer, is a graduate of the famous Eindhoven Design Academy. He has produced designs for various clients including Artifort and enjoys co-ordinating international design exhibitions. Jacco Bregonje and Artifort Bregonje has grown up with Artifort. The two Butterfly fauteuils in his parents’ home were not just used for sitting quietly. When, years later, he was asked which Dutch brand he wanted to work for, his answer was Artifort. His first design for Artifort appeared in 2007 – the Magnolia fauteuil. This was followed by the Patch, the result of collaboration between Missoni Home and Artifort.

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