H 59 cm / 23 3/16” H 30 cm / 11 13/16” Ref.60081 CBB 1 X E27 Ø120 25W (FRÍA) Save Energy 1 X E27 Ø80 15W (FRÍA) Save Energy 1 X E27 Ø80 15W (CÁLIDA) Save Energy 4 X E27 11W (CÁLIDA) Save Energy INCLUDED

All parties take place around a table... and there is no party without Lights!!! This has been the insipration to creat PARTY. The distribution of the bulbs wants to transmit a sensation of random disorder, result of chance. It is made of metal with two standard finishes: matt black combined with colour bulbs, and ´pink bronce´ for a more Classic look.

Almerich reinvents itself merging it's best tradition with the most actual contemporaneity, searching for sophistication based on craftsmanship, innovation and culture of design.