Pam MLN 6530-6531 by Milán Iluminación
Milán Iluminación

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Hanging lights with a formal design but, with a particular characteristic: the metal slats that shape this classical design, have a distance between them where light, emitted by an 16 W Led D.O.B. and 1.400 lumens output, is passing by creating a comfortable view of the complete shade. This is possible thanks to central core aluminium mold injected that, apart from being a heat dissipation sink, has been designed in a way that metallic slats are assembled in different height where light is dispersed. For protecting Led and for preventing glare , disposes a glossy polycarbonate injected shade that helps as well to filter the light. It is produced in two sizes: 400 and 500 mm and in two finishes: metallic cupper and white lacquering. Includes one polycarbonate component for height regulation once the model has been installed as well.

Since 1960 MILAN Iluminaci—n have been committed to the distinctive Design of its products, to maintaining standards of Quality in each and every one of the components used in manufacturing our lamps, and to providing our clients with a conscientious Service.