Width 323.2 cm
Depth 41.2 cm
Base height 7.3 cm
Overall height 127.3 cm


Finish Beech H1511
Material Birch plywood


Back panel Price allows for one full width structural back panel.
Units 3 High


3D model (.zip)

A customizable and modular zone divider that gives flexibility to today’s more transitory workforce.

Modular and movable zone dividers like Palisades, available in either wood or a metal grid style. They can be highly customized to the unique design of your workspace with a large selection of sizes, finishes and accessories, including plants, acoustic panels, lighting and storage to create a highly attractive visual and acoustic barrier. This system delivers needed levels of privacy between different working zones whilst maintaining a connection with the whole space, built on the classic open shelving look, Palisades Wood is the warmer, more natural version of this product, introducing biophilic design to the workspace. This style offers a more solid look with a bias towards storage capacity and shelf strength.

Bases of 72cm and 86.5cm consist of a cupboard.

Spacestor are the creators of workspace furniture that combines California cool with London design.