Width 320 cm
Depth 320 cm
Overall height 120 cm


Material Steel


Certifications CHAS, FISP, ISO9001 and ISO14025
Grid size 40 - 40 cm
Horizontal units 8 Wide - 8 Deep
Vertical units 3 High


3D model (.zip)

Bringing our two most popular zone dividing ranges together, the new highly-flexible Palisades range allows teams to build unique scrum spaces, soft seating areas or neighbourhoods now combining shelving, zone dividing and storage to create unique divisions, embracing the ever popular crittall look.

Open offices bring benefits with natural light, space, collaboration, but also challenges without walls to divide space. Palisades ll offers a new way of dividing zones in a light and minimalist way. An elegant expression of an architecture within an architecture, allowing for a simple, attractive division of space without building walls. The world’s best talent needs a mix of private and collaborative spaces to thrive, and Palisades ll makes this possible.

Spacestor are the creators of workspace furniture that combines California cool with London design.