Width 323.2 cm
Depth 41.2 cm
Base height 86.5 cm
Overall height 285.8 cm


Material Steel and laminated covered particle board


Certifications CHAS, FISP, ISO9001 and ISO14025
Cupboard doors 8
Framework Black steel
Units 5 High


3D model (.zip)

A customizable modular zone divider giving flexibility to today’s more transitory workforce.

Top talent needs a mix of collaborative and private spaces to produce their best work so modern workspaces are having to become complex, multi-functional environments that provide the right mix of private and shared space. Companies are scaling and shrinking fast, so workspaces need an adaptive design so they can be repurposed quickly and cheaply. Modular and movable zone dividers like Palisades, available in either wood or a metal grid style, allow for the simple and attractive division of space into zones and neighbourhoods for specific working styles, without building walls. Bases of 72cm and 86.5cm consist of a cupboard.

Spacestor are the creators of workspace furniture that combines California cool with London design.