The swivel armrests create instantly extra seating places Option mobile with round head support sliding upwards

True seating comfort Jori’s pacific again brings out the very best in seating comfort. A remarkably sturdy frame in polished aluminium provides perfect support, while the swivel armrests magic up a couple of extra seating spaces in a whirl. Should you opt for the heightadjustable head rest, which can also be clicked forwards and backwards, you will experience true seating comfort. - sofa available in 3 widths with armchair, footstool and plexiglass table - frame : solid beech - available in leather, fabric or microfibre - feet: alu polished. footstool only available on wheels - option: manually adjustable head rest - available with seat height standard, + 1,5 cm or + 3 cm

JORI, founded in 1963, is a Belgian company that is specialised in high-quality and contemporary leather seating furniture.