Oyster Armchair by Comforty

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new Comforty Oyster Armchair new Comforty Oyster Armchair Comforty Oyster Armchair

Referencing the organic design of the 50s, the OYSTER takes advantage of moulded foam injection technology to become a piece of dual nature, offering two different finishing options that also serve two different functions. This contemporary approach, completed with the swivel, distinguishes the OYSTER from its classical ancestors. The smooth, comfortable body, sits perfectly with most sofas, as well as working as a standalone piece – in both private homes and public spaces. Its elegant, rounded shape with the curved lines of the seat and armrests integrated in a single form, creates a welcoming, embracing effect. A more extravagant version of the upholstery puts an extra accent on the fabric, bringing to the fore its volume, texture and richness. This dose of flux and uncertainty makes the OYSTER a sophisticated and expressive piece, likely to stand out as a key feature in a home setting. The neatly padded, shell-like body, with the added soft cushions for extra comfort, will contribute a tidy look to an interior. In this durable version, the OYSTER will work perfectly in public spaces like offices and receptions.

Comforty—a leading brand of upholstered furniture in Poland, founded in 2000 in Nowe Skalmierzyce (Wielkopolska region).