Overdose by BULO

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Storage Composition of 7 boxes multiply veneered European oak, total thickness 18 mm. Dimensions: 1910 mm W x 1225mm D x 1950 mm H

“The Overdose desk is a workspace inspired by my own mess together with the concept of making order by disorder. I always work on several projects at the same time. I needed a desk into which I could quickly throw something and, above all, quickly retrieve it. It is a dynamic desk that is a joy to work at casually. The “Overdose storage” is one of the last piece of the “Overdose col- lection” I started to develop in 2007. Previous projects such as the “Pa- parazzi chair” & “Lazy desk” are lying on the origin of this evolution. The “Overdoses” are the result of my free approach about function to reconsider an object to make our environment more diverse... Mak- ing order by disorder, the common concept behind this collection is mainly based and inspired by my own organized mess in my office full of piles of documents which is quite charming in fact!”(Bram Boo)

Since 1963, the Belgian brand Bulo has been creating furniture for work.