Width: 100 cm Lengths: 200 / 250 / 300 cm Table top: Solid I Thickness 80mm auf 48mm reset I Fronts tapered off 8mm Pedestal: Solid I 150x80mm Delivery: Tabletop and pedestal can‘t be separated

As if made from a single casting. Architecture in the shape of furniture – this table impresses by a confession to clarity and reserved elegance. Subtle and solid details complement each other in felicitous harmony. Tabletop and legs form a unit and appear timeless and contemporary at once. Naturally refined solid wood. The wood for TRAPA solid wood furniture is dried gently, slowly and naturally and only processed further after completely relieved from tension. It doesn’t merely receive a trivial surface finish, but is rather treated from deeply within the wood’s pore system with heat, pressure, lye & oil. Through this method wood ingredients react in a natural and organically sustainable way, developing wonderful, durable, photostable colour shades from within. As a result unique earth-, coffee- & cocoa hues emerge. Surfaces finished with TRAPA natural oil are sustainably protected from soiling and wearing. The noticeably alive surface conveys a pleasant intimacy with the precious natural material wood and confirms the high quality and longevity of the piece of furniture. Matching of solid wood furniture and natural wood floor. Attuning the natural furniture surface individually to finish and texture of the TRAPA natural wood floor is an option. In harmonious accordance or zestful contrast with one another.