Inno Oscar Inno Oscar

Oscar is one of Inno’s best sellers and on its way to become a classic. The popularity is based on its sympathetic character. Oscar is a tempting chair - just have a look at it and you want to try it! The sitting comfort is remarkably good due to the spring effect of the backrest. A lot of tension is created between the light and structural backrest and the lumpy, yet friendly seat. “I’m quite happy with the playful impression and statement Oscar creates. There is a certain frank and machine-like appearance when the mechanic hard meets the soft and thus creates positive mood.” Harri Korhonen, 2011 Steel frame and backrest: epoxy coated black, effect black, metallic grey or aluminium. Upholstery: fabric or leather Versions: A = without arms B = with arms 1 = seat upholstered 2 = seat and back upholstered

Inno was founded in 1975 and started by importing high quality design accessories to Finland.