Orion by Bonaldo

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Bonaldo Orion Bonaldo Orion

The Orion coffee table is the first product ensuing from the collaboration between Bonaldo and the young designer Jarrod Lim: born in Australia, he now lives in Singapore, after working in Milan, London and Melbourne. Jarrod Lim grew up and trained as a designer in a cosmopolitan setting filled with cultural stimuli which have influenced and enriched his work. The idea behind the Orion coffee table came to him as he walked through a photographic exhibition: spectacular photos showing the circular route taken by stars while the earth rotates. The name Orion was chosen because it is one of the brightest and easily recognised constellations. (Jarrod Lim) The base of Orion consists of steel wires painted white or matt anthracite grey: the overlapping rings give the coffee table an architectural look, which is softened by the material of the table top. The latter is made of extra clear glass: painted black or white, or acid-treated extra clear glass (black or white) or of anthracite grey or white Laminam®. The sizes available are: diameter 50 cm x H. 50 cm diameter 100 cm x H. 32 cm diameter 120 cm x H. 26 cm

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