Ordini Narrow Vase

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Ordini is a playful and surprising interpretation of classical architectural orders.

The workmanship of the vases recalls the mouldings of vitruvian orders in which decorative architectural features become an ornamental element that plays with the cylindrical volume of the vase. The collection includes three elements, namely a broad vase, a narrow vase, and a table centre cup. They feature different decorations with a white and grey chiaroscuro (light-dark) motif or with solid colours (matt white and cobalt blue) enhanced by the warm touch of precious bronze colour mouldings.

Analogia Project

Analogia project is the result of collaboration between designer Andrea Mancuso and architect Emilia Serra. After their degree in Italy, they met at the royal college of art , London, in 2010. Andrea Mancuso is a designer with a long experience with design product both on one-off and large scale production. His visual language is based on a sense of irony and surprise. Emilia Serra is an architect and a researcher at rca focused on how to combine 3d digital technologies with traditional craftsmanship skills in order to help their valorization. Their design studio approach is based on exploring the everydayness and turning it into wonderment. Everyday space and objects represent ourselves, our past and memory, they embody our history and culture. Starting from entities that are normally taken for granted, they use everyday space and objects as a source of inspiration, wonder and surprise. Their methodology is experimental and based on the conservation and development of traditional craftsmanship skills combined with contemporary digital technologies. Their works, being installations, products or interiors, have a strong narrative connotation and each project is a pretext to tell a new story to people. Designing wonderment from everydayness since established their studio in 2011 ap’s work has been published worldwide, exhibited in the major design fairs and they have collaborated with 19 greek street, be open foundation, bulgari, camp design gallery, design blok cz, design days dubai, etro, fendi, frag, hermes, le bon marche, luisa delle piane gallery, organisation in design, triennale design museum, victoria & albert museum.

driade is an aesthetic lab in continuous search for beauty in living space.