Structure powder coated brass /decorative laminate. Lamp included. L 13 cm Shade: Ø 6.5 cm x H 2 cm Foot: Ø 6.5 cm x H 2 cm

Always two disks, various diameters, various functions, orbiting between them. A proposal for a program of great compositional simplicity and easy customization to emphasize, or mimic its presence on various areas of use. The body of the luminaire (adjustable) is manufactured in brass and incorporates a 2.6W LED source - 160lm (4000 or 6000K) with a beam angle of 140 º, enlightening this way the environment in a soft and not aggressive way. The body of the luminaire with decorative high pressure laminate discs laser cut. We present several finishing proposals, but this luminaire can be customized for the end customer who can adapt perfectly to its environment. The LEDS are connected directly to 110V - 220V without the need of drivers and do not generate heat.

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