Ora floor lamp by MANTRA

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MANTRA Ora floor lamp MANTRA Ora 1556 MANTRA Ora 1567 MANTRA Ora 1554 MANTRA Ora 1545 MANTRA Ora 1540 MANTRA Ora 1551 MANTRA Ora 1562 MANTRA Ora 1543

Mantra presents an original collection to light your spaces with an efficient and unique avant-garde design, … ORA. Red, Black and White provide lovely colours to these pleasant structures with combinable forms, which discretely decorate space with efficient low-consumption light. Its designer, Santiago Sevillano, has also created lighting elements which jointly with his hanging lamps, complete the ORA collection, they range from wall and table lamps to his spectacular floor lamp. Yes, ORA … is your perfect choice.

“… Feel the light” is a phrase which has decorated and accompanied our image since the founding of MANTRA.