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Auditorium chair with armrests: The characteristics of the Opus auditorium chair are detailed, clean design and good ergonomics, such as flexible backrest. The seat folds with the counterweight mechanism, which allows people a safe exit route in case of emergency. Thanks to the concealed fixing to the floor the outcome is elegant, because there are no visible screws in the floor plates. This also facilitates the hall’s maintenance. Opus suits many kinds of interiors, such as auditoriums, lecture hall and concert halls. There are several writing table and tablet solutions to choose from. Tailor-made solutions are available, too. The Opus series of auditorium chairs received a new addition Opus fold in 2009. This folding chair is integrated into a motorised auditorium seating system forming a stepped incline, which can be automatically retracted and packed away to stand by the wall. Materials and finishing: Frame epoxy coated steel, seat and backrest moulded plywood with face birch veneer. Concealed fixing to the floor. The birch veneer is available in natural lacquer 00, white lacquer 11, white stain opaque 13 and black stain 22. Other wood finishes and alternative face veneers are available on request. The legs are available chromed or epoxy coated in black RAL 9005, white aluminium RAL 9006 or grey aluminium RAL 9007. Other epoxy finishes are available on request. Dimensions: The chair width linked c/c 550 mm is calculated from the centre of the armrest to the other centre of the armrest. Due to the base flange 120 mm must be added to get the row’s total width. The depth with the folded seat is 380 mm and with the seat down 640 mm. The backrest height is according to the step height. Upholstery: Seat upholstered or seat and backrest upholstered with fabric or leather or C.O.M. Concert halls and acoustic properties: The Opus chair suits well to the concert halls thanks to its acoustic properties. If the perforations are required, the underside of the seat is perforated as well as the upholstered and padded plywood. The standard size of the perforated hole is d = 4 mm, and max. 22 % of the surface can be perforated. A specialist in acoustic defines the required perforations for the Opus chair. Placement of the chairs: The Opus chair can be mounted to an auditorium with straight or curved rows. When the rows are curved, the minimum radium of the auditorium should reach r = 13.000. In both row types the chairs may be mounted in a straight or overlapping form. The width of the chair may variate, if the row edges must be straightened. In order to get space for time to time in the auditorium, for instance for the camera crew or for some other reason, Mobel has an Opus version with a specific leg mechanism: the chair then becomes detachable and removable. Another choice is the Opus T chair, which reminds the design of Opus, but it stands on independent legs and is removable and stackable. Writing tablet options: 1) Floor mounted and fixed writing table (available also a front panel in front of the first row) 2) Foldable writing tablet (fixed or detachable) mounted in the armrest 3) Foldable writing tablet (post box) on independent legs 4) Sliding writing tablet (laptop) on independent legs Other accessories: - Seat/row numbering - Acoustic perforation (see above) - Head rest Going: Recommendation without writing tablet 900 mm, with fixed or foldable 300 mm writing tablet 1050 mm. Information to be sent to Mobel: - Local security requirements (req. fire-proof materials, measurements of the free walking space allowance) - Layout of the auditorium preferably in dwg form and/or in pdf form - Floor materials (thickness) and floor declination - Step height and depth in mm - Pipes, wires etc. under the floor to be taken into account in installations - Placement of air conditioning passages (input of the air) Opus T Materials: Frame and armrest epoxy coated steel. Seat and backrest plywood faced beech, birch, ash or oak veneer. Armrest: wooden panel on top of the frame. Wood finish options: The standard finish options are lacquered or stained. Metal finish options: The standard finish option is epoxy coated. Other wood species, materials and finishes are available on request. Upholstery: Upholstered with fabric, leather or C.O.M. Accessories: Writing tablet, horizontally movable and detachable, Acoustic perforation (d = 4 mm, max. 22 % of the surface), Seat numbering

Mobel’s showroom is situated in Helsinki, Finland.