Depth 125 cm
Length 125-180 cm
Height 76 cm
Table top thickness 5 cm


Extension finish White
Extension material Lacquered Aluminium
Leg finish White lacquered aluminium
Top finish Satin-finish white lacquer


Is suitable for outdoor use No
Sizes L125-180 X D125 cm


The simplicity and minimalism of the Oops extendable round table are what give it its dynamic visual impact.

A perfect round table which can be turned into a larger, oval table while losing nothing of its original flair. The extension is facilitated by parting the table to reveal a central tray containing the extension, which then fits seamlessly into place to create a perfect oval. Beautifully manufactured by true artisans and craftsmen, the cast aluminium legs on this extendable round table are slightly curved to balance the overall design. The legs are firmly anchored to the middle of the table base so that they flare out from underneath for a pleasing effect that doesn’t detract from the dramatic effect of the round top.

The main part of the table is made from honeycomb thick MDF, and is then lacquered to give a rich, elegant finish. The Oops table is available in black or white, or a monochrome version where the legs can be painted to contrast with the top. Not only a wonderful piece for the kitchen or living room, the exquisite simplicity of the design is ideal for the office, boardroom or conference room.

Kristalia was founded in 1994 by young local entrepreneurs joined by two common passions: design and jazz.