Width 28.50 cm
Depth 28.50 cm
Height 27.50 cm
Weight 1.50 kg


Colour Black
Material Aluminium


Assembly required minimal
Size Large


Sculptural wall vessel, wall art, receptacle, fashion hanger & passive speaker.

A personal pigeon hole for your precious pocket items.

Black hole aesthetics

These luxury metal wall vessels can be configured to create unique yet practical art clusters or constellations. The storage void offers the perfect place to store your keys and other precious pocket items before hanging your coat up. They can also be used as a passive speaker to naturally amplify music from your smart phone’s loudspeaker. In an active state the oversized hooks are highly functional design objects and in a passive state they become an art or sound installation.

Made in Sheffield

Each vessel is a celebration of natural materials and local manufacturing, they are 100% hand made in small batches here in Yorkshire meaning each one is unique and is embedded with the virtues of hand craftsmanship.

We are an experimental design studio based in Sheffield, England. We transform empty space into unforgettable experiences & furniture creating places with personality.