The Om Rhythm coffee table explode into being from a secret sequence of Braille dots which spell out the invisible mantra 'Om'.

Om Rhythm Table

The low-table is a structural investigation into the invisible forces that shape reality. A deep fascination with empty space sparked the ‘Om Rhythm’ project. The structural table began with a simple idea, the desire to create something from nothing, so I started with 6 tiny dots on a piece of paper, the dots were braille an hidden form of language, they spelt out the invisible mantra ‘Om’. I then wanted to explode a physical 3D object from these tiny points, which resulted in a structural coffee table made predominantly from space. The welding and fabrication was a playful process using intuition to guide the building & placement of each steel segment. So the dots came to represent the ‘nothing’ with the steel lines represented the ‘something’.

These special-edition pieces make a very intriguing and eye catching centre piece ideal for a lobby or reception area. These limited edition pieces are made to order by hand here in the steel city of Sheffield.

Size: 1200 L x 600 W x 360 H - Editions are made to order by hand here in Sheffield.

We are an experimental design studio based in Sheffield, England. We produce statement furniture, sculptural objects and interior architecture for both domestic and commercial environments.