Ohio sofa by Softline A/S
Softline A/S

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Softline A/S Ohio sofa Softline A/S Ohio corner Softline A/S Ohio single Softline A/S Ohio pouf

Timeless style OHIO’s modular concept allows you to assemble the individual units in all kinds of shapes and variations. It may look minimalistic, but the possibilities are endless. A classic Softline design combining function, creativity and design. Dimensions / cm: Single: L 98 x D 98 x H 67/82 x SH 42 Corner: L 98 x D 98 x H 67/82 x SH 42 Pouf: L 98 x D 98 x H 42 x SH 42

Vision Softline shall be a leading provider of innovative, functional and high-quality furniture for private homes and public spaces worldwide.Mission By using innovative constructions, new and eco-friendly materials and cooperating closely with internationally acclaimed designers, Softline creates a feeling of optimal value and quality and becomes the first choice when decorating homes and public spaces with functional designer furniture.