ODE1647 Wall Lamp by Jacco Maris
Jacco Maris

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H 47 x W 44 x L 25 cm lamp holder: E14 source of light: E14/240v max. wattage: 2 x 40w weight: 2 kg

Intriguiging language of form. Playful elegance. Princely imagination. Sensual tension. Majestic reverence... As the name implies, the ode 1647 collection from Jacco Maris Design is an ode to the luxurious chandeliers of the early seventeenth century. The number 47 refers to the atomic number for silver. By using exciting new materials, we have created an entirely new and modern language of form. The arms are formed of silver plated, braided copper with a UV coating. The chandeliers have a diameter of 1 metre and are 90 centimetres high. The ode 1647 is designed by Jacco Maris and Ben Quaedvlieg.

Making something from nothing and creating maximum forms from minimal amounts of materials… This is the basic concept that underlies the creation, since 1994, of the light features of Jacco Maris.