Oackley 4900 by MANTRA

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MANTRA Oackley 4900 MANTRA Oackley 4902

OAKLEY captures our visual attention in any of its versions: In its pendant version LED rings emit light both up to the ceiling and downwards through the white polycarbonate diffusers, creating a powerful lighting in all directions, while its ceiling version creates an attractive mirror effect thanks to its metallic finishing. The lamp futuristic look, combined with its simple and organic shapes, makes OAKLEY an appropriate choice both for a decoration project with an industrial or technical look and for a much warmer modern environment, and it is an easily adaptable product both for home and contract. Striking but not strident, OAKLEY is there for you to look at it.

“… Feel the light” is a phrase which has decorated and accompanied our image since the founding of MANTRA.