Nur 4986 by MANTRA

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LED 1x15W 3000K 1200lm - 220/240V 180 x 280 mm

Twists and turns, simple, clean and bold stroke design the space with NUR luminaires. Simple lines drawn elegant and minimalist way, but who develop LED lighting in its forceful and effective models. Lamps with distinctive and unique design, but perfectly can be incorporated into most innovative environments, or to anywhere imaginable, creating a visually simple and evocative feeling. NUR is composed with lamps in various formats, ceiling, table and apply, Custom Built on a lightweight aluminum profile with frosted polycarbonate diffuser, flexible, which allows the turns that characterize their designs. The luminous efficiency is by LED, continuous and powerful way, because the minimum distance between their LEDs and the optimum distance in relation to the diffuser, which allow us to appreciate a powerful and continuous line of light. Your transformer and its components are fully guaranteed to correctly function.

“… Feel the light” is a phrase which has decorated and accompanied our image since the founding of MANTRA.