Nova Ceiling by Blond Belysning
Blond Belysning

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H 155 mm
 D 570 mm

The ‘Nova’ family was created after the function of the light itself had been identified:
A direct light distribution with an energy efficient LED light source and a glare free light. 
The design itself is inspired by a type of stars called novas, often bright white dwarves. The solution was a gradient glass, clear downwards and transient to opaque, that directs the majority of the light downwards while also distributing the light inside of the spun bowl. The pearl painted bowl works as a reflector and creates a diffuse light, while the larger lit surface also counteracts glare.
 With the pole-top luminaire the light is led along the vertical surface, creating a clear silhouette. Metal parts can be painted in other colours by request.
Pole-top luminaire can be delivered with / without pole. 
Ceiling- and wall luminaire can be manufactured for interior and exterior use.

FAMILY OWNED COMPANY BLOND was created in Värnamo, Sweden, where all the production and manufacturing is still carried out.