Height 54 cm
Cable length 400 cm
Diameter 48 cm


Cable colour Black
Colour Black
Material Fibreglass Soaked in Epoxy Resin, Powder Coated


Canopy White
Lamp holder 1 x E27
Light source 60W MAX type A, light source not included
Volume 0.19 m3
Year of design 2007


Old ladies call them neatly coiled balls of yarn

Kids talk about soap bubbles hanging from lightbulbs, Some say they are there to light up Arabian nights, Moooi says they’re Non Random Lights.

Bertjan Pot

"Don't believe the hype".

Bertjan Pot is a designer, probably best known for his Random Light (1999). The light started as a material experiment, which is basically the start of each product created by Studio Bertjan Pot. The outcome is usually an interior product showing a fascination for techniques, structures, patterns and colors. Most experiments start quite impulsively by a certain curiosity for how things would function or how something would look. From there Bertjan takes on challenges with manufacturers to explore possibilities and push the boundaries a bit. The reward for each challenge is a new one. Studio Bertjan Pot works with manufacturers such as Arco, Established & Sons, Feld, Gelderland, Montis, Moooi and Richard Lampert.

Dutch brand moooi evokes extraordinary experiences through daring collections of furniture and lighting.