Noir Dining Chair by Farrah Sit
Farrah Sit

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MATERIALS blackened steel base, blackened ash DIMENSIONS cm: 48.26 x 58.42 x 78.74h inch: 19 x 23 x 31h

The Noir series suggests the intersection of architectural planes, with airy silhouettes and sleek edges. Sharp angles gracefully dodge each other, offering a feeling of lightness despite sturdy materials. The black patina on steel and solid ash wood make the clean, thin lines of the pieces stand out in stark contrast to their surroundings. The precise, geometric delineation of the chairs is symmetrical, yet looks like a completely different shape from each direction. The table is similarly reminiscent of a mobius strip, giving the collection a mathematical appeal.

With the ethos “own less and own well,” designer Farrah Sit focuses on creating strikingly simple objects that speak to their intended purpose.